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...a dreamhouse, enjoyed by all our family, will definitely return...
The House

Three separate entities with panoramic bay view

This is an architect designed residence (1980, 2,000 square feet, 186 sq.m.) is situated in a low swale to take advantage of the terrain for protection from the prevailing south west winds that sweep in off the Atlantic during the winter months. The climate is mild with a winter low of c. 7oC. The bay and mountain form a visual part of the interior living space which is intimate and cosy. The scenery is superb and the changing light a source of continual interest. The reflection of the moon down on to the dark waters of the bay is a very special sight.

Dooneen boasts a 180 degree panorama over Dunmanus Bay, is secluded on 7 acres of rugged terrain and overlooks the headland from which the house gets its name, Dooneen. 5 minutes drive from the village of Kilcrohane, Dooneen shares the headland with just 7 other houses. The Sheep's Head peninsula (south of Bantry bay) is one of the lightest populated areas of Ireland. And only in exceptional cases will the planning authority permit houses to be built away from the villages, on the peninsula. Environmentally, the peninsula is protected by designation as a Natural Heritage Area (NHA), a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) for rare habitat plants and animal species, and a Special Protection Area (SPA), for birdlife.

Kitchen window overlooking Dunmanus Bay

The Photo Gallery will show inside the house, and one will be able to work out that internally, there is the GRANT apartment, The EAST side (with its loft) and, up the circular staircase to The STUDIO. The idea is to be able to go off and find a quiet spot within.

The house is a model of unique architectural design. Planned for passive solar heating, as the sun moves through its daily arc it shines through the kitchen, dining area, living room and bedroom windows, warming each in turn. The south and west facing double-glazed windows act as sun traps. Within, the internal red-brick walls retain this heat. Beyond the kitchen in the store there is an upright 6-drawer freezer, and clothes drier nearby. Satellite broadband is installed and in addition to the Irish stations SKY and HOT BIRD satellite dishes bring in BBC,ITV,CNN, French, German, Italian and Spanish television.

The overall effect is of a residence with a multiplicity of possibilities. A small family will have plenty of space. Grandparents can enjoy privacy and quietness. Adult friends could holiday together comfortably. Relaxation is its essence.